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A laboratory on becoming common.

common |ˈkämən|
1 an open landscape or place for common use, whether urban, rural or virtual.
2 neither private nor public property.

adjective ( -moner , -monest )
1 occurring, found, or done often; prevalent : it’s a common praxis to jump the turnstiles in Stockholm’s metro
2 shared by, coming from, or done by more than one : the common meeting place of the bike messengers | desires common to both of us

Written in Dansk, English or Svensk dependent on context and writer. The number of writers increase gradually here, as they are copied by resident copytator Malte. Get in contact with the copytator through mail maltelunden [at] gmail.com.

The concept of the individual is dead.

In-dividual = non-divisible; separate in its being from the world. This is impossible. Being is never separate. All being is related, more specifically entangled. We are all entanglements! And yet, we still keep our thinking and feeling bound by the conceptual corpse filth of individualism: “I am the writer of this blog” yada yada. Let’s try to keep this space in its entanglements. “You” can help “me” disappear as writer by copying what goes on here, linguistically, affective, visually, whatever comes to “your” mind(s). “I” will do the same, constantly, and uninhibited. Finally, you can take a picture of yourself to go as “writer portrait” underneath, send it to [my mail], and I will edit it to fit our writers slogan: We are all out of our minds!

  1. […] copy-remixed this text from a number of passages in Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri’s Common Wealth (pdf […]

  2. […] numret har redaktionen valt ‘G som i Gemenskap’, vilket gjorde mig oerhörd nyfiken, då hela detta bloggprojekt ju kretsar kring det gemensamma, på engelsk the common eller även som system, commonism. Brand verkar dessutom ha skruvat upp […]

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